Investment / Corporate acquisitions

For many years, clients from various industries have engaged us to develop strategies for generating exponential growth: through corporate acquisitions and international cooperation.

Our range of services includes

  • Analysis of strategically relevant markets and companies that are attractive “targets”

  • Evaluation of market positioning and distribution strength of “targets”

  • Determination of individual economic earnings situation

  • Personal, discreet contact with partners

  • Validation of the respective interests and moderation of negotiations.

In some cases, our work has also yielded different results than originally intended, for example:

  • Start ups or cooperation with regionally strong companies that were not in direct competition, but offered complementary products and thus had excellent access to the main sales markets and channels

  • Revision of traditional strategies, recognising that it makes little sense to acquire companies with classic sales structures, since the acquisition generates additional sales but does not provide sufficient ROI, even in the medium term.


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