Business development

Business development has three essential facets in our range of services: the (market) analytical part, which is always carried out on site, the resulting strategic conception, and operational support in implementation, all the way up to our optional interim management.

A complete service package for your activities in Europe, North / Central and South America, Near and Middle East, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Expansion into markets outside of their own country presents companies and decision-makers with numerous challenges. This sometimes even applies to neighbouring EU states, but even more so outside of Europe.

Provado can support you – with expertise from more than 30 years of global activity and 40 own offices with permanent employees on site.

Our range of services includes:

  • Feasibility studies and market analyses – on site! – with a detailed description of risks and opportunities, legal requirements, the competitive situation with regard to products and prices, target customer potential, distribution channels as well as showing the decision-making processes and the evaluation of the decision-makers for a “local” CRM

  • Project management: to set up sales, production (green field / brown field) and administration, including support in founding “legal entities”

  • Interim management: in dealing with “worst cases” and crisis situations as well as organisational development and expansion and acquisition of customer contacts in new markets

  • Acquisition: to generate rapid growth in the USA, as well as selected countries in Europe, Central America, Africa and Asia (see also Corporate Acquisition)

  • Recruitment: of management as well as lower-level leaders and professionals – with a worldwide unique 2-year guarantee (see also Human Resources)

  • Assistance with everything else that needs to be managed: such as moderation in cases of conflict, replacement of representative structures, revision and reorganisation of existing subsidiaries

Investment monitoring, revision and crisis management

Our offer for companies that engage in a wide range of activities, especially abroad, involves supporting monitoring in operational management and monitoring of subsidiaries.

Regular reports to the headquarters do not guarantee the early detection of problems or a lack of performance. Especially in “emerging markets”, there is often a lack of transparency regarding important decisions by local management.

In addition, the risks of mistakes and bad investments grow to a dangerous level as capital spending increases.

To prevent this, we provide you with a task force of truly expert managers with different jobs, experiences and industry focuses, who strategically and operationally review decisions of local leadership and, if necessary, revise them together with the parent company’s management.

In the worst-case scenario, this task force also assumes full responsibility for day-to-day business for an interim period.

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