Human Resources

There are two roles we sustainably support with regard to “HR”:

  • On the one hand, we consider HR as the continuation of “business development”, which depends on capable specialists and executives or teams in order to achieve the desired goals. We offer you extensive know-how here to analyse individual as well as team potential, to recognise strengths and weaknesses and to develop and implement targeted development/training or coaching measures

  • On the other hand, we provide support as a service provider who recruits key performers – even entire teams – as well as executives and specialists when there are no internal resources to do this.


For more than 30 years, all services of Provado personnel consulting have been covered by a 2-year guarantee at home and abroad.

This probably makes Provado the only consulting company in the world to issue such a guarantee, proving that recruitment quality is no coincidence. And we have done this for more than 3 decades. We carry out virtually all recruiting tasks, regardless of whether they concern executives or specialists, by direct contact. In each of our 40 offices worldwide, we exclusively employ our own personnel in specifically composed project groups, who are responsible for searching for suitable candidates, conducting telephone interviews and personal interviews with potential candidates, testing suitable applicants, and presentation of the best candidates.

Several specialised recruiting teams with many years of experience serve the fields of medical technology, material science, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, capital goods, mechanical and plant engineering, tool industry, construction and building, automotive, energy, electrical engineering and electronics, chemicals, and trade and (financial) services. In doing so, we not only offer recruitment for management positions at the executive-management or board level, but also for middle management in sales, engineering, logistics, purchasing, finance/controlling and IT. Other specialist areas include the recruitment of specialists for R&D (research and development), design and production as well as digitisation specialists in the Industry 4.0 environment (robotisation/automation) and for the commercial sector (data warehousing, development of proprietary trading platforms in sales/after sales…)

In the “sales” area, we recruit top-level sales managers as well as candidates who will assume regional responsibility, for example, as area managers.

All services are billed on the basis of fixed fees, which are calculated individually. The Provado quality promise is “off limits”. What does that mean?
The two-year full guarantee on recruitment success relates, on the one hand, to all occupation-related advisory measures. In addition, it also covers eventualities that are beyond the responsibility and sphere of influence of Provado. If the position becomes vacant again within 2 years, we will carry out recruitment a second time – free of charge. 
We jointly accept responsibility for mistakes and for unpredictable developments.

Top sellers are like top athletes: They require targeted coaching to build and sustain performance. Individual coaching is the most efficient way to succeed for both: Employees as well as companies.

This requires that the intensive training also be professional. And this includes deliberate preparation on both sides: Goals have to be defined, measures planned together and consistently implemented. And: the coach needs acceptance professionally and as a person. That is why in addition to the coach’s personality, their technical and industry knowledge play an important role. It is also why we usually use coaches who have experience in the industry. In addition to acceptance, they ensure maximum efficiency.

Another essential element of our work is to make results measurable so that we can prove increases in sales and earnings as a consequence of our joint efforts. That makes our services calculable – so we can create a convincing return on investment.

There are three areas where we offer potential analyses

  • At international subsidiaries: We usually assume the task here of analysing whether the existing executives or employees – e.g. in sales or production – can really meet the defined corporate goals

  • In the context of restructuring processes

  • In selection processes: We operate here as a neutral juror when considering between internal and external hires for a key position

Talk to us.

Telephone: +49 (0)2 28 - 62 04 41-0

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